Buy Online Sleeper - Smart (25th Anniversary Reissue) Test Pressing Vinyl (Signed)


Smart (25th Anniversary Reissue) Test Pressing Double Vinyl (Signed) (Ltd to 15)

Double LP £50.00

Release Date: 05/06/2020

Discs: 2

Sleeper celebrate 25 years since the release of their debut album ’Smart’ with a Deluxe re-issue. ‘Smart’ is available for the first time on ‘Limited Coloured Vinyl’ and both CD & Vinyl come with 10 additional B-Sides and Rarities from the Smart campaign and an updated booklet insert complete with new photographs

Vinyl Tracklisting:

A1: Inbetweener
A2: Swallow
A3: Delicious
A4: Hunch
A5: Amuse
A6: Bedhead
A7: Lady Love Your Countryside
B1: Vegas
B2: Poor Flying Man
B3: Alice In Vain
B4: Twisted
B5: Pyrotechnican (I Think I Love You)

C1: Bedside Manners
C2: Tatty
C3: Little Annie
C4: It's Wrong of You to Breed
C5: One Girl Dreaming
D1: Alice In Vain 7” Single version
D2: Hymn To Her
D3: Big Nurse
D4: Ha Ha You're Dead
D5: Bank